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    Cytron Motor Driver MDD3A 2 Channels 3Amp 4V to 16V DC

    Cytron Motor Driver MDD3A 2 Channels 3Amp 4V to 16V DC

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    + Looking for a motor driver for your mobile robot? Want to drive a stepper motor? Worry not! MDD3A is able to control two brushed DC motors or single bipolar/unipolar stepper motor from 4V to 16V. With discrete MOSFETs H-Bridge design, this motor driver is able to support 3 Amp per channel continuously without any additional heatsink.

    + The onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs allow functional test of the motor driver in a quick and convenient way without hooking up the host controller. Buck-boost regulator which produces 5V output from input as low as 4V can be used to power the host controller.

    + MDD3A can be controlled with wide input logic voltage range from 1.8V to 12V, it’s compatible with a wide variety of host controller (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC).

    + To prevent the motor driver from damaged by reverse voltage if the battery is connected in the wrong polarity, it is equipped with reverse polarity protection. This is a very common mistake done by a lot of makers even for the very experienced one.

    + Bidirectional control for two brushed DC motor.
    + Control one unipolar/bipolar stepper motor.
    + Operating Voltage: DC 4V to 16V
    + Maximum Motor Current: 3A continuous, 5A peak
    + Buck-boost regulator to produce 5V output (200mA max).
    + Buttons for quick testing.
    + LEDs for motor output state.
    + Inputs compatible with 1.8V, 3.3V, 5V and 12V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, etc).
    + PWM frequency up to 20kHz (Output frequency is the same as input frequency).
    + Reverse polarity protection

    Example Application:

    + Small size mobile robot for competition or school projects.




    + Datasheet ( )
    + Sample Code for DC Motors ( )
    + 3D CAD files Zip file ( )