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    Cytron Motor Driver MDDS10 2 Channels 10Amp 7V to 35V SmartDrive DC

    Cytron Motor Driver MDDS10 2 Channels 10Amp 7V to 35V SmartDrive DC

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    Brand: 008- Motor, Servo, Fan, Chassis & Driver
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    + If you need a DC brushed motor driver that can accepts signal from:
    - RC (Radio Control)
    - PWM of microcontroller
    - Analog voltage of Potentiometer/Variable Resistor
    - UART/Serial command of microcontroller

    + Well, this motor driver is perfect for you, and it supports upto 10Amps (continuous) each channel. It will be easy to build combat/sumo robot. Not to forget, you can configure MDDS10 to drive two channels motor in independent or mix mode. Do check the User's Manual for details.

    + SmartDriveDuo10 has the specification of MDD10A which is able to drive two brushed motors bidiretionally at 10Amps each, plus additional smart features of MDS40A. The operation mode is configured by the DIP switch on MDDS10. The DIP switch configurations for commonly used modes are printed at the back of PCB.

    + MDDS10 uses solid-state component - MOSFETs as H-bridge switching which offers faster switching time. And the MOSFETs are being switched at 16KHz for quiet operation. And with MOSFETs, no flyback diode is needed :) With the on-board temperature sensor, this smart driver is able to reduce the output current stage by stage to prevent it from overheat and burnt!

    + To make it RC(Radio Control) receiver friendly, we have added 2x3 header pin, with just 2 RC extension cable, the wiring is done, and it takes 2 minutes! And by default, MDDS10 is configured in RC controller, Mixed control mode, even easier!

    + With MDDS10, you can now series up two SLA battery to power your motor as it supports up to 35VDC input. And you only require one power input to operate the motor and driver. Don't worry, 3-cell and 6-cell Li-po battery are within the operating voltage :) Hey! It also comes with battery low voltage warning, what else do you need?

    + Which motor is good to be driven by MDDS10? As long as the motor:
    - Is DC Brush motor (Two Terminals)
    - Operating voltage from 7V to 35V
    - Rated Current <= 10A
    - Peak Current <= 30A

    + Input Voltage (Motor): 7 - 35VDC
    + Single power operation
    + Dual Channels, it can drive two brush motors bidirectionally, independently or mixed as differentiate drive.
    + Operating modes:
    - RC (RC servo signal)
    - Analog
    - PWM
    - simplified and packetized UART
    + Support Sign-magnitude and Locked antiphase in PWM mode.
    + Two manual/test buttons for each channel.
    + Two output indicator LEDs for each channel.
    + Power, Error indicator, RUN status (Left and Right) LEDs.
    + The Error LED will indicate:
    - Error Input (Blinks 2 times), check the input signal and the operation mode
    - Under Voltage (Blinks 3 times), the battery voltage is low.
    - Over Voltage (Blinks 4 times), the supply voltage is higher than 35VDC, it will stop operating
    - Over temperature (Blinks 5 times), the board temperature is high
    - Shut down (Blinks 6 times), board temperature is too high, the board will stop working.
    + On board reset button to restart the MCU after changing operation mode on DIP switch.
    + Full solid state MOSFET for better efficiency and eliminate the needs for external flyback diodes.
    + Regenerative Braking.
    + Temperature feedback to reduce output current and prevent overheating of MOSFET.
    + Support up to 10A continuous current at room temperature (25ºC).
    + Support up to 30A peak for 10 seconds. Output will be reduced with the temperature raises.
    + Suitable for combat or sumo robot.
    + 16KHz switching frequency for quiet operation.
    + On board switching voltage regulator for higher power efficiency.
    + Battery low voltage monitoring and indicator.
    + We have tried this driver with single power window motor at 24V, full load without smoke coming out :)
    + NO polarity protection, please double check the power input connection.
    + Dimension: 66.8mm x 101.09mm.

    + User's Manual ( )
    + Fritzing file ( )
    + Arduino Library and Example ( )
    + Simple Mobile Robot – Plug and play Joystick + MDDS10 ( )
    + Arduino + PS2 shield + MDDS10 for mobile robot control ( )
    + Improve MDDS10 Performance With External Fan ( )
    + PWM from CT-UNO+ MDDS10 ( )

    Packing List:
    1 x MDDS10 board
    1 x 6-way Connector Housing
    6 x Terminal iron pin for housing